About Us - Bus Services

The Jurien Bay bus services provide transport for students in Greenhead, Leeman, Badgingarra and Cervantes. ALL secondary students from outlying districts are automatically included on the bus service. Primary students are able to access the service if they are travelling to the closest school, which is a requirement of the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

A primary student who wishes to access the service (but is not travelling to the closest school) can do so, but they need to be a Complimentary Passenger.

Parents must complete an Application for Transport Assistance to access a bus sevrice. These forms area avilable at the front office of the school or online at www.schoolbuses.wa.gov.au

This application will need to be approved prior to the student using the service, so early applcations are recommended.


The buses are currently very full with students travelling to and from school and there is no guarantee that there will be room for extra students. Please do not presume it will be okay. Parents/guardians must check with the bus drivers first that there is room.

Leeman bus drivers       Sue Munns 0418 864 048

Cervantes bus drivers    Winnie Read 0448 545 219