Extra Curricular - Leeuwin Voyage Program

Packed with challenges, adventure and sailing activities, voyages aboard the Leewin II are a great way for anyone to push their own limits and overcome challenges you may have never experienced before.

For students in years 10,11 or 12, sailing on any voyages can count  as one unit towards your studies. Endorsed by the School Standards and Curriculum Authority as a Personal Development Program.

STS Leeuwin is a three-mastered sail training ship designed in an 1850's barquentine style. The ship is 55m long and 33 m tall with a total of 16 sails. Launched in 1986, the Leeuwin offers an authentic 18th century sialing experience while providing comfortable, modern amentities for our sail trainees. The ship can accomodate 40 participants plus a total of 15 volunteer and full time crew members on each voyage.

Voyage application forms are available online from the website www.sailleeuwin.com